I’m an Art Director and UX/UI designer with experience working in mobile, interactive, product/app design, digital marketing and print. I’ve helped launch products, ideate concepts and plan press/ cobranding opportunities.Have worked in a variety of industries including entertainment and sports, financial, business-to-business, tech and non-profit.

I’ve hired and managed teams and overseen a schedule of unique content and marketing design for eight mobile collecting sports and entertainment games. I’ve co-founded, storyboarded and iterated upon the UI for apps and digital marketing projects (landing pages, emails, ads, micro-sites, etc). I have that rare gift of being a creative that rides the line between art and business—understanding visual curation in terms of what is presented to a user, and in how it’s built for a client. I think inspiration and support are often more important than direction when it comes to working within teams, and as most UX designers should, I tell a mean story.

I encourage you to review my resume, peruse my work and contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview.