HELLO THERE. I'M NEIL KLEID. I Design solutions.

I'm an eighties kid from New Jersey, by way of Detroit. I dig pop culture, and I root for the Tigers. I can draw, I write, I've studied improv comedy and I grill a mean burger. Above all, I'm a student of human behavior—people, like me, who simply want frictionless, delightful, easy to use experiences. I'm devoting my life to helping solve their problems.

As an Experience Designer, I create human-centric solutions for products and their users. As a Digital Art Director, I identify and create teams that help craft those solutions by providing mentorship, empathy and candy.

I started in print, but gradually learned I enjoyed thinking about how to better peoples' lives through digital design, ultimately solving problems via process, methodology, collaboration, iteration and visual kung fu.

I manage visual curation in terms of both a user's and business' needs, finding a way to bring them together in elegant harmony. I’ve been privileged enough to do that across various industries including co-founding, storyboarding, designing and iterating upon a a suite of collecting / casual fantasy apps for the Topps Company, helping to establish a global digital collectibles market.

When away from design, I enjoy baseball, food and pop culture, and have engendered a second career writing comics, novels and graphic novels.I’m an art director/product designer with experience in mobile/digital design, UX/UI and interaction design, apps, print and digital marketing.

I encourage you to review my resume, peruse my portfolio and contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview.