Digital designer/art director and creative writer with experience working in areas such as user experience (UX/UI), interactive design, iOS mobile apps, publishing/book creation (bibles/project plans, scripts, creative writing) and design, entertainment marketing, print promotion, nonprofit and financial marketing.

A Xeric-Award winning graphic novelist, Neil authored Ninety Candles, a graphic novella about life, death, legacy and comics, as well as the acclaimed graphic novels Brownsville and The Big Kahn for NBM Publishing. He has written for nearly every publisher in the comic book industry, adapted Jack London's Call of The Wild into sequentials for Penguin Books/Puffin Graphics, and did the opposite for the seminal Marvel Comics’ storyline "Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt." He also wrote an original novel, Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim, with creator Brian Michael Bendis based on the award-winning comic-book series. By day, Neil is the Digital Art Director for the Topps Company’s digital suite of trading card apps.