HELLO THERE. I'M NEIL KLEID. I Design solutions.

As an Experience Designer, I create human-centric, frictionless solutions for companies and their users. As a Digital Art Director, I help to identify and create teams of designers that solve challenges for a digital world by providing them with mentorship and empathy -- knowing enough when to guide and when to get out of the way.

Solving for Companies: I design solutions that ride the line between art and business—managing visual curation in terms of both what is presented to a user and in how it’s built to satisfy a business need. Thankfully, I’ve been privileged enough to do that for a number of great clients across various industries including eCommerce, financial publishing, sports, entertainment and non-profit.

Solving for People: I believe inspiring and supporting designers is often more important than micromanaging via art direction. Good designers want to collaborate with other designers they respect, admire and can help grow both their career and design expertise. If I can foster a culture of team-oriented design thinking, that often translates into ground-breaking, exciting work. I also find that designers like working with designers who enjoy food, so it helps if you can break bread with your colleague.

Solving via Process: My approach stems from asking three questions—what problem are we solving, who are we solving it for, and how does our solution improve an experience for them? Through systematic discovery, working through personas, flows, features, sketches, wireframes and designs, it is my job to use the above questions as a North Star to create compelling interfaces that provide great experiences.

The process includes:

• User research             

• Personas, Flows and Journeys

• Navigation design      

• Moodboards and Pattern Libraries

• Wireframes                 

• Visual Design and Prototyping

• Content Audits          

• Content/Brand and Marketing Design

I encourage you to review my resume, peruse my work and contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview.