Topps My City NYC

September 12, 2018

Role: Experience Designer

How do you promote a product that asks families to explore their local cities via geo-targeted, physical sticker books? My City NYC was the first of a city loyalty brand established by Topps in 2011, a program engaging the public in top cities across America and asking them to embrace local heroes and nostalgic, emotive connectors. This one-of-a-kind family oriented, memory making program was driven by a keepsake book of America's favorite cities, encouraging local pride. My task was to design the promotional microsite for Topps to highlight its products to parents in and around NYC.

Working from research provided by Topps’ Entertainment team, I worked with a front-end developer to create an experience that would speak to mothers (parents, in general—but ideally mothers) who would escort their children around town, collecting stickers and filling in books at various locales. The tasks we set for ourselves were simple: highlight the product, highlight the partners, highlight prizes parents and children could earn if they filled in their books.

We crafted user stories and flows for a basic landing page, and I decided to incorporate a map API into the experience, further clarifying that locales featured in the product—as well as locales for business partners promoting the program— were real places to be visited with directions they could follow by clicking through a series of randomized images displayed on-site.

The basic design of the landing page was inspired by the look and feel of the physical product itself— we used their logo, their colors, their fonts. The snapshots and directions were added by me during the UX discovery process and basic wireframing.
Adding maps to the snapshots along the side (twenty of which were randomized and displayed to browsing parents) helped establish that the partners, the places featured stickers and even the locations for buying the stickers were places to be visited and explored—this is a product to get you out and exploring your local city (New York being the first in the campaign).