Teaneck Doghouse Logo Design

July 5, 2017

In 2014, a local watering hole was purchased by a local entrepreneur in Bergen County, NJ with the aims of establishing Teaneck, New Jersey's only kosher sports bar. Until now, sports bars in the area ( and in most areas) have not offered kosher food alongside alcohol and it's been tough for sports-minded Jewish fans to fully enjoy a night out watching the game with friends and colleague because of that. Enter: The Teaneck Doghouse.

Several of my colleagues invested in the Doghouse, and as it started to come together I noticed their ads and collateral material being displayed around town...alongside (what several colleagues and myself considered) a logo that needed a bit of work. To that end, I offered my services in redesigning the Doghouse logo. Having spoken to my invested colleagues — as well as friends and locals in the area—asking what kind of ambience and atmosphere they'd hoped for in the first local kosher sports bar, suggestions were bandied around such as "upscale," "friendly," I want to know this place is for sports" and "established." With that in mind, as well as understanding the owners wanted to retain the bulldog as the pub's mascot-symbol, I worked up three new logo designs.

Logo A: Keying off "sports" and "friendly", I wanted a more cartoonish version of the logo (also, so it wouldn't be a huge jump from the current logo). I added the pennant motif to almost suggest the logo was a team banner—OUR team banner, for we, the locals in Teaneck who like sports, beer and food. The fonts are a mixture of comic-book and varsity, to ride the line between welcoming and athletic.

Logo B: This one is a mixture between "sports", "established" and "upscale," a type of plaque the kind of which you might see hanging on the pub's walls. The bulldog is still welcoming, gruff but smiling. The colors are rooted in warmth and inspired a little by the Cleveland Browns, to be honest. The fonts a mix of modern and athletic with a slight "NJ" at the bottom to support the establishing year.

Logo C: Finally, a logo keyed off "upscale" and "established" with a dash of "sports" tossed in. A bit more respectable and classy than the others, the more realistic dog felt like a mascot that might be sitting outside the door upon arrival, patiently guarding the premises and waiting to cheer his favorite team. Subtle athletic font, warm colors again.

The original —and, sadly, current—Teaneck Doghouse logo
My three logo redesigns.