Topps Pennant

November 19, 2016

Topps Pennant was the modern box score. We, as baseball fans, wanted a single place to check out scores from last night’s game as well as relive meaningful moments from 30 years ago. So Topps acquired the app in 2012, added new features, and brought it to fellow baseball fans. Topps Pennant captured all the teams, all the games, and all the plays from the most recent MLB game way back to 1952. That was nearly 60 years’ worth of baseball data brought to life and presented in elegant, interactive infographics on the iPad and iPhone.I created and art directed the icon and splash page, but mostly designed and art directed marketing landing sites for the app—both web and mobile—as well as a Summer Barnstorm Campaign (highlighting shared Twitter memories on a team-by-team basis throughout the summer of 2012), all marketing materials and mobile ads.

Topps Pennant - Landing Page - Horizontal Mobile
Topps Pennant - Landing Page - Vertical Mobile and Summer Barnstorm Landing Page
Topps Pennant - Summer Barnstorm Landing Page - How To and Current Stop
Topps Pennant - Landing Pages - iPhone